Full Service Litigation including Post Judgment Remedies

As is often needed in our industry, Integral Recoveries provides an in-house full service litigation department through our legal firm, Greenberg and Associates.  Greenberg and Associates are members of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) and have been performing collection litigation services for over 20 years.  Working in conjunction with our Legal Assistants, Integral has a network of attorneys across the nation that we utilize for various jurisdictions.

In most cases, Integral Recoveries covers all initial court costs / filing fees and our fee structure remains the same when legal steps are necessary to recover funds for you, offering a great value for your organization.  Utilizing litigation in the collection cycle is proven to increase recoveries and will enhance our capabilities of providing the best possible recovery results for your organization.

Pursuing accounts through litigation in the collection cycle is left entirely up to our clients.  No accounts are litigated without individual signed suit authorization from our clients.

Our litigation capabilities include all services leading up to Judgment and beyond, including but not limited to wage and bank account garnishment, property liens  and interrogatories (where applicable).