Credit Reporting

Integral Recoveries currently reports selected accounts to major credit bureaus including Experian and TransUnion.  The process of reporting and maintaining correct records on consumers is maintained by a monthly upload from our collection system via an electronic file.  This upload provides the following benefits:

  • Reporting of new accounts by system credit reporting flag in our collection system
  • Updating of any payments/adjustments made to previously reported accounts
  • Removal of accounts as dictated by credit reporting flag in our collection system

We subscribe to E-Oscar, which provides electronic communication and response between Integral Recoveries and the credit bureaus to answer any consumer disputes in a timely fashion.

Credit Reporting provides significant advantages to clients of Integral Recoveries, enhancing our capabilities of providing the best collection results possible.  Our client’s reserve the right to designate which, if any, accounts are to be reported to the credit bureaus.