What is the cost of Integral Recoveries services?

Most services are provided on a contingency percentage of amounts collected, which can vary depending on the amount, type, age of delinquencies, among other factors. In some cases, if allowed by contract, our fees can be added to the amount(s) due and be payable by the owing party. Our rates are extremely competitive with industry averages and our rate of return for clients is exceptional. In the collection industry, as contingency rates decrease, resources assigned decrease as well to compensate for lost revenue to maintain profitability. Considering lower contingency or flat fee proposals will result in less and/or inexperienced assigned staff, reduced actual call attempts, decreased and/or nonexistent skips tracing efforts, least cost skip tracing products, and other substandard efforts. The consequence of this is poor liquidation recovery rates, diminished returns, and inadequate representation of your organization.

Finding the right program and compensation agreement is an important part of establishing a relationship with a debt recovery agency. Please contact our Sales Department at 800-660-8450 to help determine the best option for your organization.

Does Integral Recoveries report accounts to major credit bureaus?

We currently report selected accounts to major credit bureaus. The process of reporting and maintaining correct records on consumers is maintained by a monthly upload from our collection system via an electronic file. This upload provides account reportings, updates, and removals as collection activity dictates. We subscribe to E-Oscar, which provides electronic communication and response between Integral Recoveries and the credit bureaus to answer any consumer disputes in a timely fashion.

Reporting delinquent debts to credit bureaus can assist in collection, as consumers with negative entries on their credit reports can be denied credit for mortgages, auto loans, or other major purchases until those reported debts are resolved.

How do I start placing debts with Integral Recoveries?

Our Sales Department can guide you through this simple process. Please contact them at 800-660-8450. Integral Recoveries, Inc. has many tools to make client placements as easy as possible. Accounts can be placed via Internet, email, tape media, fax, or manually using paper forms. Please review our Client Access option for information on how to place accounts directly through this website.

Is my information placed with Integral Recoveries protected?

Integral utilizes leading technology and business practices that protect the sensitive information that is provided. In accordance with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999, Integral’s policy is to protect consumer information. We do not engage in information sharing with outside organizations and are HIPAA compliant. Account documentation is stored in secure locations and accessed only in the course of business by designated personnel. We store older documentation (over 1 year) in secure, offsite storage facilities which are accessible only by Key Personnel. Payment information and all printouts in paper format are shredded onsite. If stored in our collection system, critical payment information is hidden after entry.

Our network is secured by a firewall that protects our systems from security risks. This firewall protects us from unauthorized file access through the use of assigned security certificates. Security software provides us with daily updated virus and spyware protection. Our collection system has different levels of users. For example, a collector an only manipulate a limited portion of the system restricted to job task. The same would go for data entry and cash receipts. Passwords are confidential and knowledge of them is limited to each individual employee, who is assigned a single sign-on access to the system.

What additional costs does Integral Recoveries charge a client for account litigation?

In most scenarios, all court costs, filing fees and process service fees are forwarded by Integral and recouped when funds are received on the account. Because we have an integrated legal department, costs of litigating accounts are reduced and we pass that savings on to our clients. Litigation and post-Judgment remedies such as leins and garnishments are a powerful tool that can greatly increase recoveries on accounts placed. We are proud to work with the most highly regarded, experienced collection attorneys throughout the nation.